About Dorah

Dorah is about quality, distinctive design and strong character. We convey the feeling of self-appreciation and woman power by giving the opportunity to highlight your individuality.

Our brand is about individual choice, a choice that is coming from self-love and confidence. It is about being certain about own preferences. We empower our community and ignite you to spread the empowerment around.

The name "Dorah" is inspired by Dora Kallmus, more known as Madame D'Ora, who was an unusual woman for her time with a spectacular career as one of the less ordinary fashion photographers of the early 20th century in Vienna. She represents a character of a women who knows what she wants despite the society pressure. Her character represents our brands values of self-confidence, independence, strong individuality, personal choice and women empowerment.


The character we empower

You are vigorous and independent. You are brace and not afraid to disagree with the opinions of the society. At the same time, you are not wild rebel.
The elegant way you confront the stereotypes leads only to admiration and delight. You are full of self-love, confidence and with your ambition you empower the others.